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Nick Williamson
MSc BSc(Hons) RN LicAc MBAcC CertAc(Hangzhou) DipTuina

"Illnesses may be identical but the persons suffering from them are different"
Xu Lingtai (1693-1771)

I am a Traditional Acupuncturist with my practice in East Dulwich. I am also an Advanced Nurse Practitioner in Pain Management in the NHS (University College London Hospitals). Having a foot in both the conventional and the Chinese medical worlds, I draw upon the knowledge and practical wisdom of both systems.

My acupuncture patients come to see me with all sorts of troubles, not just for pain control.

More than 15 years in practice as a Traditional Acupuncturist have taught me that there are times when Chinese medicine is best; times when conventional medicine is best; and there are many times when they complement each other. More than 30 years in health care, conventional and Chinese, have taught me the importance of having a listening ear and a friendly manner.

I believe that conventional medicine and Chinese medicine each have their strengths: in Chinese medicine it is that symptoms are never assessed or treated in isolation. Instead they are seen as part of your unique "landscape" of body and mind. My approach as a Traditional Acupuncturist is to treat you as an individual, rather than just the illness, with an effective treatment plan which is unique to you.

East Dulwich Acupuncture Clinic Testimonials

"Thank you so much for all your help and support over the last few weeks. I noticed some benefit from the first session, and found your approach to, and understanding of my pain and situation very helpful."

"I am totally blown away by all aspects of the treatment I had with you, and can’t thank you enough for what you did. I gained a massive amount of psychological support from the treatment – I certainly feel more like me again."

What does acupuncture treat? How does it work? Who uses it?

What is Tuina?

Tuina (pronounced twee-nar) literally translates into English as "push and grasp," although "Chinese therapeutic massage" gives a better idea of its meaning. I may use Tuina alone, or following acupuncture, most often in the treatment of muscular and joint problems. Other techniques that can be used for musculoskeletal problems include cupping and a gentle scraping technique known as Gua Sha. I rarely use acupuncture alone for musculoskeletal problems as the best results come from a combination of these techniques.

Traditional Acupuncture in East Dulwich, South East London

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